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ProconGPS Inc. is the worldwide leader and largest provider of MRM (mobile resource management) solutions for the subprime automotive finance market, or more commonly referred to as the Buy Here, Pay Here industry.

Industry leading GPS products from GoldStar allow users too effortlessly and in real-time locate their vehicle across our North American data network. Our industry defining equipment and world class infrastructure along with our award winning customer service gives you the reliability you deserve while providing a leading-edge GPS tracking solution that is easy to use and affordable to own.

GoldStar GPS is committed to assisting auto dealers in the Subprime Automobile Finance (buy here pay here) market by providing innovative GPS tracking devices and service. Trust GoldStar GPS to help your car dealership achieve higher net profits by lowering skips and repossessions. Get the confidence and reassurance your dealership needs with GoldStar GPS.

The Lender Services Division of ProconGPS develops and provides asset protection technology and services worldwide utilizing LoanPlus® GPS and associated technologies, customize software and programming, and dedicated customer service teams for our clients. LoanPlus® hardware and programming are strictly designed for use by financial lending institutions to better secure consumer loans and wholesale floor plan financing.

RepoTrace provides a line-up of cost effective GPS tracking products that help automobile dealerships and subprime automobile finance (Buy Here / Pay Here companies gain control. With RepoTracesí products installed in all of your financed vehicles, you can quickly and easily take control of every asset in your portfolio in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer connected to the internet. RepoTrace number one goal is to help automobile dealerships and finance companies lower repossession cost substantially and achieve higher net profits through the use of our industry leading GPS tracking solutions that are backed by the proven industry leader.